Vampires have come to the daylight

Vampires of the„Twilight” saga has been tamed, domesticated, ripped of neptunian fog and transformed to the phase of Libra, as full members of the community (they’re pretty polite, neat and attend to school activities). They assimilate quite well and they still are surrounded by a mystery, I must admit, it doesn’t raise peculiar suspicion among the students when it comes to the true essence of their predatory nature.

Virtually all the vampires can be attributed to the archetypal Scorpios.

Their natural habitat is darkness. They are result of a transformation of human being, crossing the death and changing into something entirely different. They don’t belong to the realm of living and death is the domain of Pluto.

It is also impossible to deny their sexual magnetism.

Deceitfully, or now quite openly – in the daylight, they charm and seduce their victims in order to tie them for eternity. Such a strong relationships full of bursting eroticism is again an area of Pluto.

The characters of TV series “Vampire Diaries” are alike.

One of them is Damon Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder. His character definitely arouses emotions.

Actors often present on the screen some features of their personality venting them onto characters they’re playing.

Damon is endowed with charm, charisma and great ruthlessness, as well as a wackiness.

His waspish sense of humor and ripostes disarm directly. Actually, it is difficult to imagine this character played by anyone else.

The actor has strongly emphasized the element of fire in the horoscope. It gives hit person, determined and willing to make quick decisions and initiate new activities. Can not refuse Damon’s clout.

Sun conjunct Neptune gives great imagination, artistry and ability to create their own image.

Neptune in conjunction with the Sun is also the ability to deceive the environment and to hide the inner nature.

Damon skillfully promotes himself in the show as a very useful citizen of the town of Mystic Falls. Few characters are aware that he’s really a dangerous predator.

Since Neptune as ruler of Pisces can also attracts all kinds of pleasures associated with stimulants (including alcohol), as befits the typical “bad boy” often drowns sorrows in various drinks. Neptune’s domain is the seduction and delusion. Damon during the series cherishes his unhappy love which is in fact nothing more than a dream.

The actor has Venus in Scorpio in a rather loose conjunction with Uranus. Uranus in conjunction with Venus gives great magnetism, but also short-termed and quite unpredictable relationships. Damon has a number of relations, but they all end soon.

Venus in Scorpio gives the intensity and magnetism. It is also hidden, obsessive desire, and transforming love. While Damon illusions about Katherine, you can assign to the phase of Pisces, at the end his relationship with her (and his transformation into a vampire), is now the realm of Venus in Scorpio.

Such a Venus is also a dark, dangerous side of love, forbidden apple. It’s hard to say whether Damon actually feels some affection for Elena Katharine’s alter ego, or is it just an unattainable desire and craving to take up the challenge. Venus in Scorpio likes the intrigue and strong sensation.

Since Venus is also the appearance and taste, just look what Damon wears. Blackness rules.

In one of the interviews Ian Somerhalder admitted that he’s always wanted to play a vampire. He even tried himself for the audition for “True Blood” but he didn’t succeed.

But he’s succeed quite well on “Vampire Diaries”.

All the vampires of “Vampire Diaries” have a negative, the typical Scorpio trait – of course, this feature is highly exaggerated. They hypnotize their victims with their eyes, and thus manipulate them, forcing to perform various tasks, which they knowingly or voluntarily would not have done.

If you’ve ever seen a Scorpio staring at you with these piercing eyes you know what I’m talking about :P.

Manipulation and having well in hand is also the symbolism of Pluto.

The main protagonist (Elena) is not a typical sacrificial Pisces, she doesn’t submit herself to the snares of those dark creatures.

Straightforward, honest and decisive,  she’s more suited to the border of Pisces and Aries.

Damon has a great sense of humor and quite a distance to himself. It is thanks to Mercury in loose conjunction with the Sun (or thanks to the screenwriters :P). Mercury also provides a penchant for short trips. Damon doesn’t like to hang in, short trips around the area are form of entertainment and an opportunity to make new contacts. Mercury also gives the cut wit and eloquence.

Venus conjunct Uranus is also a predilection for living on the edge.

Damon often provokes quite a dangerous situations and seems to derive pleasure from experiencing some trouble and even life-threatening.

Sun in sextile Pluto also gives a high capacity for regeneration and inner strength. Damon cries a little over spilled milk (or blood), but he’ll flood worries in a glass of whiskey (or the whole bottle – a powerful Neptune), and soon returns to himself.

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