Venus in Scorpio – September 2010 – January 2011

Since the half of this year’s  September Venus and Mars have dwelled in sign of Scorpio. However Mars will enter Saggitarius in November, retrograde Venus will stay in Pluto’s reign till January 2011. Mars in Scorpio feels confident as an old ruler of its sign. So its strenght manifest firmly and it activates whathewer it touches. We can assume  major stubborness then and a stimulation of the eight house matters. So other’s finances, banking, investments and specificly understood sexuality and a very strong passions. In the mean time Mars conjunts Venus, what in many cases, provokes blasts of uncontrolled desires and involvement into hidden love affairs, and I don’t mean  platonic love here, but all relationships where it comes to “consumpion”. These transits aren’t very strong obviously since both planets move pretty fast, but they may trigger events if they rule important points in an  idividual natal chart or they hit vital point in a natal chart. We can also expect arguments and  transitory rows however (short-term marsian type).

Venus in Scorpio ( sign of its detriment) pushes hardly to identify erotic and sex drive with feelings. Natives with such  Venus placement have a tendency to identify emotions with deep desire and passion. They happen to be possesive towards their partners, they like to control the situation in their relationship and psychologically they tend to take the lead. They are green eyed monsters quite often, having trust issues towards partners.

Venus in Scorpio doesn’t love just a bit, doesn’ like just a little – she loves or hates from the core of her being  and with all her heart (hiding it very deeply of course). That’s why she’s very familiar with manipulation, obsession and exaggerrated jealousy.

Beacause Pluto rules the extremes but also almighty passions such a Venus is a power very difficult to handle (affection might be highly compulsive).

Natal Venus in Scorpio gives its owner a huge commitment to whathever he or she does. From the other side she’s loyal to those whom she devoted herself.

It might be also an obsession of beauty, appearence, art or money.

Therefore Venus will stimulate to deep reflection on the relationships. And it won’t be chat with coffee kind of – “who, with whom and where” but attempts to reach the unconscious instincts and a base in relationships on spiritual level.

Venus in Scorpio gives a wide sexual magnetism but also the specific tastes and preferences.

It is also a passion for sophisticated clothes in a fairly dark color, but provocative and elegant, made from high quality fabrics.

Venus in Scorpio is a need for a deep emotional involvement, it can result in a subtle game, and long wait for a noticed object. Not satisfied with just anything or a substitute.

Due to plutonian quality of  Venus manifestations for the next few months (Venus itself is the natural ruler of Libra and the seventh house – sector of relationships in general) Pluto will give a deep psychological aproach to the matter of relationships (even psychoanalytic) or will set up combative :).

It is also a desire to reach the essence of what these relationships are, or the transformation or disintegration of what had not worked.

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